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Whats is Meta-Z project ?

The foundation stone for Meta-Z has been laid in December 2021, by its founder Younes Kasdi, with the help of Joseph Grey and Nadhir Ferdji. Meta-Z project is a metaverse game which is built using the Unity engine based on the following concepts:
  • Metaverse world
  • Social multiplayer
  • Play-to-earn game
  • NFT marketplace
  • Create and share with players
Meta-Z is an MMORPG which had a basic concept of allowing players to make their own unique stuff using NFT technology and share it with each others, which then branched out into 4 primary building blocks:
  • Base Game
  • NFT Builder
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Meta Z Token
MZT Logo
MZT logo
Screenshot from the early game development phase
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